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M24 Chaffee: American Light Tank

The Light Tank, M24 "Chaffee" was the chosen successor to the M5 "Stuart" light tank line which began with the pre-war M3 Stuart series. The M24 supplanted the M5 in service during 1944 and fought on into the final months of the war in 1945. The series became a much-improved light tank offering for the United States Arrmy and saw subsequent action in the Korean War (1950-1953) as well [...]

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Marder III Tank Destroyer: World War II

Marder III systems was yet another hastily modified conversion model of existing Panzer II tank chassis overstock. With the Panzer II system as a whole virtually obsolete on the changing battlefields of World War 2 and the production lines of the Panzer II chassis still warm and ready to churn out new models, it was seen fit to add a static superstructure to the Panzer 38(t) (Panzer II) chassis [...]

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Crystal Meth in the use of Nazi Germany

Crystal meth is notorious for being highly addictive and ravaging countless communities. But few know that the drug can be traced back to Nazi Germany, where it first became popular as a way to keep pilots and soldiers alert in battle during World War II. "Alertness aid" read the packaging, to be taken "to maintain wakefulness." But "only from time to time," it warned, followed by a large exclamation [...]

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The lost Avro Anson: World War II

The remains of four airmen from the crash of a Second World War training aircraft in British Columbia have been recovered during a collaborative operation with the British Columbia Coroners Service. The four airmen – one from the Royal Canadian Air Force: Sergeant William Baird, and three from the Royal Air Force: Pilot Officer Charles George Fox, Pilot Officer Anthony William Lawrence, and Sergeant Robert Ernest Luckock – were [...]

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Aleutian Islands Campaign: World War II

By Mar 1943, with the Aleutian Islands Campaign, the Americans were planning to reclaim the islands of Attu and Kiska, which had been captured by the Japanese in 1942. The first step in the Aleutian Campaign Americans had taken was to deploy a task group in the area to interdict Japanese supply convoys. On 26 Mar 1943, this task group, led by Rear Admiral Charles McMorris, found a convoy [...]

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Japanese Fire Balloons: World War II

The Revolutionary and the Civil War tore North America apart, but the World Wars and most subsequent conflicts have been largely fought beyond its borders – aside from the glaring exception of the Pearl Harbor attack. Many consider Pearl Harbor to be the last of the wartime civilian casualties on American soil, not including the Battle of the Atlantic. However, this is not strictly true; the Japanese orchestrated a [...]

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Collaboration With the Nazis: World War II

France declared war on Germany on Sept. 3, 1939, becoming one of the first countries, along with Great Britain, to stand up to the Nazi regime. The declaration of war came just two days after the German army invaded and annexed Poland. There weren’t many physical clashes between French and Nazi forces until May 10, 1940, when the Germans invaded France, occupying the northern half of the country, including [...]

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The sinking of the HMAS Armidale: World War II

For Australians 1942 was the most perilous year of the Second World War. A series of victories brought Japanese forces into Australian territory in New Guinea and within a few miles of the Australian mainland. The bombing of Darwin in February heightened fears that an invasion was imminent. This exhibition marks the 60th anniversary of the sinking of HMAS Armidale. An important yet neglected episode in Australia's wartime history, [...]

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The Battle of Manila: World War II

The Battle of Manila (February 3, 1945 – March 3, 1945) was a major battle of the Philippine campaign of 1944-45, during the Second World War. It was fought by American and Filipino forces against Japanese troops in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. The month-long battle, which resulted in the death of over 100,000 civilians and the complete devastation of the city, was the scene of the [...]

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The Falaise Pocket: World War II

The Battle of the Falaise Pocket was fought August 12-21, 1944, during World War II (1939-1944).Landing in Normandy on June 6, 1944, Allied troops fought their way ashore and spent the next several weeks working to consolidate their position and expand the beachhead. This saw the forces of Lieutenant General Omar Bradley's First US Army push west and secure the Cotentin Peninsula and Cherbourg while the British Second and [...]

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