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Vasili Blokhin: Stalin’s Chief Executioner

Vasili Mikhailovich Blokhin was a Soviet Russian Major-General who served as the chief executioner of the Stalinist NKVD under the administrations of Genrikh Yagoda, Nikolai Yezhov, and Lavrentiy Beria. Hand-picked for the position by Joseph Stalin in 1926, Vasili Blokhin led a company of executioners that performed and supervised numerous mass executions during Stalin's reign, mostly during the Great Purge and World War II. He is recorded as having executed tens [...]

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USS Alaska, American Battlecruiser: World War II

USS Alaska (CB-1) was the lead ship of the Alaska class of large cruisers which served in the United States Navy during the end of World War II. She was the first of two ships of her class to be completed, followed only by Guam; four other ships were ordered but were not completed before the end of the war. Alaska was the third vessel of the US Navy to [...]

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HMS Hermes British Aircraft Carrier: World War II

HMS Hermes was the first purpose-designed aircraft carrier built for the Royal Navy and fitted with an off-centre island containing the funnel and operations spaces. Although very narrow, the island was quite long and massive for a ship this size. The island located forward of amidships made the ship trim by the bow, the weight of the off-set island also caused a list to starboard. This imbalance had to [...]

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HMS Formidable British Aircraft Carrier: World War II

HMS Formidable was an Illustrious-class aircraft carrier ordered for the Royal Navy before the Second World War. After being completed in late 1940, she was briefly assigned to the Home Fleet before being transferred to the Mediterranean Fleet as a replacement for her crippled sister ship Illustrious. Formidable's aircraft played a key role in the Battle of Cape Matapan in early 1941, and they subsequently provided cover for Allied [...]

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HMS Belfast Light Cruiser: World War II

HMS Belfast is a Town-class light cruiser that was built for the Royal Navy, currently permanently moored as a museum ship on the River Thames in London, England, operated by the Imperial War Museum. Construction of Belfast, the first ship in the Royal Navy to be named after the capital city of Northern Ireland and one of ten Town-class cruisers, began in December 1936. She was launched on St [...]

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Operation Bodenplatte: World War II

For the German Luftwaffe, World War II all but ended on January 1st, 1945 with their last, desperate attempt to strike back against the Ally’s air superiority that was Operation Bodenplatte. After this day, Germany’s skies were quickly lost in the following few months as the Western and Eastern fronts collapsed into Berlin. Operation Bodenplatte was designed to cripple Allied air power in support of the Ardennes Offensive, or [...]

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Stridsvagn L-60 Swedish Tank: World War II

The story of the Stridsvagn L-60 begins in 1934, when Landsverk was contacted by the Irish Ministry of Defence, that took notice of their advanced tank designs. Soon, it was decided, that Landsverk would produce two prototypes of their most advanced tank yet. This new tank design was called Stridsvagn L-60. It was further development of their previous L-10 design, but was smaller and it incorporated what experience Landsverk [...]

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Béarn, French Aircraft Carrier: World War II

Béarn was a French aircraft carrier. It served with the Marine nationale (French Navy) in World War II and later. Béarn was commissioned in 1927, and was the only aircraft carrier France produced until after World War II, and the only ship of its class built. She was to be an experimental ship, and was slated for replacement in the 1930s by two new ships of the Joffre class. [...]

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USS California Battleship: World War II

USS California (BB-44), one of two Tennessee-class battleships completed shortly after World War I, was the fifth ship of the United States Navy named in honor of the 31st state. She was the last American battleship built on the West Coast, and the only one of the dreadnought type. She served in the Pacific her entire career, and for twenty years was the flagship of the Pacific Fleet. She [...]

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Supermarine Sea Otter: World War II

The Supermarine Sea Otter was a British designed biplane amphibian intended to replace the once venerable Supermarine Walrus in the Royal Air Force reconnaissance and search and rescue missions. It had the distinctions of being the last biplane flying boat to achieve front-line service in Great Britain armed forces. The Sea Otter was a result of an Air Ministry’s specification request codenamed S.7-38 (Stingray). There was a considerable effort placed [...]

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