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HMS Barham Battleship: World War I and World War II

HMS Barham was a Queen Elizabeth-class battleship built for the Royal Navy during the early 1910s. Often used as a flagship, she participated in the Battle of Jutland during the First World War as part of the Grand Fleet. For the rest of the First World War, except for the inconclusive Action of 19 August 1916, her service during the war generally consisted of routine patrols and training in the [...]

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HMS Resolution Battleship: World War II

HMS Resolution was one of five Revenge-class battleships built for the Royal Navy during World War I. Completed after the Battle of Jutland in 1916, she saw no combat during the war. The future First Sea Lord John H. D. Cunningham served aboard her as Flag Captain to Admiral Sir William Fisher, the commander-in-chief of the Mediterranean Fleet. Design and description The Revenge-class ships were designed as slightly smaller, slower, [...]

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Battle of Tinian Island: World War II

The Battle of Tinian was a battle of the Pacific campaign of World War II, fought on the island of Tinian in the Mariana Islands from 24 July until 1 August 1944. The 9,000-man Japanese garrison was eliminated, and the island joined Saipan and Guam as a base for the Twentieth Air Force. Background A two-prong attack through the Central Pacific and the Philippines was adopted at the 1943 Cairo [...]

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Japanese Kamikaze Pilots: World War II

A major turning point in the Second World War was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Not only did December 7th, 1941 see the death of 2403 Americans, but it marked a new chapter in the war – the United States joined the fight immediately after the Japanese assault. The ensuing conflict between America and Japan led to numerous innovations in tactics and technology, but one strategical development stands out [...]

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Wirbelwind German Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun

The Flakpanzer IV "Wirbelwind" (Whirlwind in English) was a German self-propelled anti-aircraft gun based on the Panzer IV tank. It was developed in 1944 as a successor to the earlier Möbelwagen self-propelled anti-aircraft gun. In the first years of World War II, the German military forces had less interest in developing self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, but as the Allies began to gain air superiority, the need for more mobile and better-armed [...]

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Mass Suicide in Demmin Town: World War II

On May 1, 1945, hundreds of people killed themselves in the town of Demmin, in the Province of Pomerania (now in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), Germany. The suicides occurred during a mass panic that was provoked by atrocities committed by soldiers of the Soviet Red Army, who had sacked the town the day before. Although death toll estimates vary, it is acknowledged to be the largest mass suicide ever recorded in Germany. The [...]

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HMS Royal Sovereign: World War II

HMS Royal Sovereign was a Revenge-class (also known as Royal Sovereign and R-class) battleship of the Royal Navy displacing 29,970 long tons (30,450 t) and armed with eight 15-inch (381 mm) guns in four twin gun turrets. She was laid down in January 1914 and launched in April 1915; she was completed in May 1916 but was not ready for service in time to participate in the Battle of Jutland [...]

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Sir Nicholas Winton: The Man who Rescue 669 Children

Sir Nicholas George Winton MBE (born Wertheim; 19 May 1909 – 1 July 2015) was a British humanitarian who organized the rescue of 669 children, most of them Jewish, from Czechoslovakia on the eve of the Second World War in an operation later known as the Czech Kindertransport. Winton found homes for the children and arranged for their safe passage to Britain. The world found out about his work over [...]

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USS Holland (AS-3) Submarine Tender: World War II

USS Holland (AS-3) was a submarine tender that served in the United States Navy before and during World War II. Holland was launched by the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington on 12 April 1926, sponsored by Miss Elizabeth Saunders Chase, daughter of Admiral J. V. Chase, and commissioned on 1 June, Comdr. John B. Earle in command. Pre-World War II Holland arrived in San Francisco from Puget Sound on [...]

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Vasili Blokhin: Stalin’s Chief Executioner

Vasili Mikhailovich Blokhin was a Soviet Russian Major-General who served as the chief executioner of the Stalinist NKVD under the administrations of Genrikh Yagoda, Nikolai Yezhov, and Lavrentiy Beria. Hand-picked for the position by Joseph Stalin in 1926, Vasili Blokhin led a company of executioners that performed and supervised numerous mass executions during Stalin's reign, mostly during the Great Purge and World War II. He is recorded as having executed tens [...]

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