Napoleonic Wars: Battle of Austerlitz

With threats emerging from the Russia and Austria, Napoleon abandoned his ambitions to invade England during the summer of 1805 and turned to deal with these new adversaries. Moving with speed and efficiency, 200,000 French troops departed their camps near Boulogne and began crossing the Rhine along a 160-mile front on September 25. Responding to the threat, Austrian General Karl Mack concentrated his army at the fortress of Ulm in Bavaria. [...]

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Hannibal: General of The Carthaginian Army

Hannibal was known for leading the Carthaginian army and a team of elephants across southern Europe and the Alps Mountains against Rome in the Second Punic War. Synopsis Hannibal, general of the Carthaginian army, lived in the second and 3rd century B.C. He was born into a Carthaginian military family and made to swear hostility toward Rome. During the Second Punic War, Hannibal swept across southern Europe and through the [...]

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Greek Revolution: The Battle of Dervenakia

The battle of Dervenakia is perhaps the most crucial battle of the Greek revolution. It took place in 1822 just one year after the revolution broke out and its success allowed the Greeks to continue their struggle for independence. It was July of 1822 and the Sultan upset of the revolution's success decided to send a regular army to quell any resistance once and for all. After he defeated the [...]

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Persians Wars: Naval Battle of Salamis

Naval Battle of Salamis on 29 September 480  BC Is an important battle during the Persian War, in which the Greek allies defeated the Persian navy. After the Persian victories at Artemisium and Thermopylae, king Xerxes proceeded to Athens, which he captured in the last days of September 480. Meanwhile, the Greek navy, which had managed to get away from Artemisium, stayed on the isle of Salamis, opposite Athens. The [...]

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Persian Wars: The Battle of Plataea

The Battle of Plataea believed to have been fought in August 479 BC, during the Persian Wars (499 BC-449 BC). Battle of Plataea - Background: In 480 BC, a large Persian army led by Xerxes invaded Greece. Though briefly checked during the opening phases of the Battle of Thermopylae in August, he eventually won the engagement and swept through Boeotia and Attica capturing Athens. Falling back, Greek forces fortified the [...]

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Alexander the Great King of Macedonia

Alexander the Great served as king of Macedonia from 336 to 323 B.C. During his time of leadership, he united Greece, reestablished the Corinthian League and conquered the Persian Empire. Synopsis Conqueror and king of Macedonia, Alexander the Great was born on July 20, 356 B.C., in Pella, Macedonia. During his leadership, from 336 to 323 B.C., he united the Greek city-states and led the Corinthian League. He also [...]

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Attila the Hun: One of The Most Successful Barbarian Rulers

Attila the Hun was one of the most successful barbarian rulers of the Hunnic Empire, attacking the Eastern and Western Roman empires. Born in what is now Hungary circa 406, Attila the Hun, 5th-century king of the Hunnic Empire, devastated lands from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, inspiring fear throughout the late Roman Empire. Dubbed "Flagellum Dei" ("Scourge of God"), Attila consolidated power after murdering his brother to become [...]

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The Berlin Wall – 28 Years of History

Erected in the dead of night on August 13, 1961, the Berlin Wall (known as Berliner Mauer in German) was a physical division between West Berlin and East Germany in order to keep East Germans from feeling to the West. When the Berlin Wall fell on November 9, 1989, its destruction was nearly as instantaneous as its creation. For 28 years, the Berlin Wall had been a symbol of the Cold [...]

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The Yom Kippur War the Six-Day War

The Yom Kippur War has many alternate names.  It is also known as the Ramadan War, the October War, or the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. But what was this war of many names all about?  What was the outcome? Causes of the War: The immediate cause of the Yom Kippur War was the Arab states' resentment of their situation following the Six-Day War of 1967.    Syrian President Hafez al-Assad wanted [...]

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The Ancient Spartans Had a Murderous Secret Police

The krypteia: If 300 taught us anything, it's that the Spartans were a hardy and courageous group. But they weren't the nicest to their own people, punishing young people brutally for infractions, and even utilizing the youth as a secret service! Meet the krypteia, a sort of Hitler Youth of Sparta. When a Training Procedure Goes Really, Really Wrong According to ancient sources, the krypteia were as vicious as they came. [...]

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