The Franklin Expedition: Historical Mysteries

The disappearance in 1845 of Sir John Franklin and his crew in the Canadian Arctic set off the greatest rescue operation in the history of exploration. More than 30 expeditions over two decades would search by land and sea for clues as to his fate, in the process charting vast areas of the Canadian Arctic and mapping the complete route of the Northwest Passage. The search for clues continued [...]

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Steven Callahan: Survived for 76 Days on Atlantic Ocean

Steven Callahan (born 1952) is an American author, naval architect, inventor, and sailor noted for having survived for 76 days adrift on the Atlantic Ocean in a liferaft. Steven Callahan recounted his ordeal in the best-selling book Adrift: 76 Days Lost At Sea (1986), which was on the New York Times best-seller list for more than 36 weeks. Steven Callahan holds a university degree in Philosophy. A naval architect by training, [...]

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Angus UK Barbieri: Man Without Food For 382 Days

The True Story of a Man Who Survived Without Any Food For 382 Days Most people can survive without food for at least a few weeks, maybe a bit longer. Eventually, however, starvation kills. Yet the limits on how long people can go without eating are complicated; without water, people are unlikely to last a week, but the amount of time starvation takes can vary drastically. Take the story [...]

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Modern Viking: Survived Hours in Ice-Cold Water

This happened 25 years ago, on the 11th of March, 1984. Around 11 pm, 5 km east of Stórhöfði on Heimaey (the largest of the Westmann Islands, an archipelago off the south coast of Iceland), the fishing boat Hellisey VE 503 rolled over. The emergency raft was unreleasable. Three out of five fishermen were able to climb up on the upended keel of the boat, but it sank about [...]

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The Man who Survived Nine Days In The Sahara Desert

Mauro Prosperi, a 39-year-old Italian policeman took part in the 1994 Marathon des Sables (Marathon of the Sands) in Morocco in the Sahara Desert. A Major Sandstorm in the Sahara Desert But partway through the six days, 145 miles (233 km) event, a sandstorm caused him to lose his way. He ended up disoriented, after which he ran and walked about three hundred kilometers in the wrong direction. Mauro [...]

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