Castillo de la Mota: Medieval Fortification in Spain

The Castle of the La Mota or Castillo de La Mota is a medieval fortress, located in the town of Medina del Campo, province of Valladolid, Spain. It is so named because of its location on an elevated hill, a mota (in Spanish), from where it dominates the town and surrounding land. The adjacent town came to be surrounded by an expanding series of walls in subsequent years, of which [...]

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Alcazaba de Almeria: Medieval Fortification in Spain

Almería Alcazaba, locally known as Alcazaba de Almeria, lies on a hill above the city of Almería in the province of Almería in Spain. In 955 A.D. the first Caliph of Al-Andalus, Abd ar-Rahman III ordered the construction of the Alcazaba after he had granted Almería the title of 'medina' (city). It was built on an elongated hill, overlooking the city and the bay, probably the site of an [...]

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Alhambra de Granada Spain: Fortification in Spain

Rising above the modern lower town, the Alhambra and the Albaycín, situated on two adjacent hills, form the medieval part of Granada Spain. To the east of the Alhambra, Granada Spain fortress and residence are the magnificent gardens of the Generalife, the former rural residence of the emirs who ruled this part of Spain in the 13th and 14th centuries. The residential district of the Albaycín is a rich [...]

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The Alcázar of Segovia: Spanish Fortress

The Alcázar of Segovia (literally, Segovia Castle) is a palace and a fortress of Spanish kings in the in the historic district of Segovia city, Spain. The castle is situated on a cliff, located at the confluence of the rivers Eresma and Claymores, near the Guadarrama mountains (part of the Cordillera Central). The Alcázar is one of the most distinctive castle-palaces in Spain by virtue of its shape – [...]

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Pablo Picasso: Spanish Painter, Sculptor and Printmaker

Pablo Picasso is not just a man and his work. Picasso is always a legend, indeed almost a myth. In the public view, he has long since been the personification of genius in modern art. Picasso is an idol, one of those rare creatures who act as crucibles in which the diverse and often chaotic phenomena of culture are focussed, who seem to body forth the artistic life of [...]

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San Jose Spanish Galleon: Treasure Fleet

The wreck of a lost treasure ship has been found 307 years after it vanished beneath the waves. The galleon San Jose was found at the bottom of the Caribbean off the Colombian coast on Nov. 27, President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia said in a statement on Saturday (Dec. 5). Built in 1696, the Spanish galleon was lost in a sea battle with the English in 1708. A [...]

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Spanish Civil War: Battle of Majorca

The Battle of Majorca, also known as the Majorca Landings, was an amphibious landing of Republican forces early in the Spanish Civil War aimed at driving the Nationalists from Majorca and reclaiming the island for the Republic. After some initial tactical success, the expedition, commanded by Captain Alberto Bayo, ended in failure when the Nationalists counterattacked with ground troops and massively superior air power and drove the Republicans into [...]

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The Thirty Year War: The Battle of Rocroi 1643

The Thirty Years War (1618-1648) was the most traumatic event to affect Europe prior to the Napoleonic Era and the two world wars of the 20th century. It was centered mainly in the Holy Roman Empire – which encompassed much of modern-day Germany – and its conflicts between Catholic and Protestant rulers. Background to the Battle of Rocroi It devolved into a general political conflict. It's several stages are [...]

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