Operation Long Jump: World War II

The opening of Operation Long Jump takes readers inside a meeting between Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, and Winston Churchill, held at the British Embassy in Tehran in 1943. The purpose of the summit: how to rid the world of Adolf Hitler. But before the trio of leaders and their senior military advisors can come up with an agreeable plan to win the war, Nazi assassins enter the room, draw [...]

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World War II: Operation Valkyrie the Plot Against Hitler

On July 20, 1944, during World War II (1939-45), a plot by senior-level German military officials to murder Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) and then take control of his government failed when a bomb planted in a briefcase went off but did not kill the Nazi leader. The assassination attempt took place at the “Wolfsschanze” (“Wolf’s Lair”), a command post near Rastenburg, East Prussia (present-day Poland). Hitler’s would-be assassins were executed [...]

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Otto Skorzeny: Operation Oak Rescuing Mussolini

On the morning of July 25, 1943, King Victor Emmanuel who had backed Benito Mussolini ever since his March on Rome in 1922 told Il Duce, “The game is over, Mussolini . . . you’ll have to go.” Upon leaving the king’s villa, a Carabinieri captain arrested Mussolini who took him to a secret location in Rome “for his protection.” Two days later, Il Duce was on the island [...]

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World War II: Operation Cobra – Breakout From Normandy

Landing in Normandy on D-Day (June 6, 1944), Allied forces quickly consolidated their foothold in France. Pushing inland, American forces in the west encountered difficulty negotiating the bocage of Normandy. Slowed by this vast network of hedgerows, their advance was slow. As June passed, their greatest successes came on the Cotentin Peninsula where troops secured the key port of Cherbourg. To the east, British and Canadian forces fared little [...]

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World War II: The Battle of Dieppe

The Battle of Dieppe: On 19 August 1942, a disastrous seaborne raid was launched by Allied forces on the German-occupied French port of Dieppe. Why was such a raid ever undertaken? Because, with Germany operating deep in the Soviet Union, the Russians were urging the Allies to relieve the pressure on them by opening a second front in northwest Europe. At the same time the British Chief of Combined [...]

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A Bridge Too Far: Operation Market Garden

In May 1945 it was the Russians who hoisted their flag over the ruins of the Reichstag building in Berlin. In this way World War Two, in Europe, was signalled as being effectively over. However, the troops who captured Berlin could easily have been British or American, if events around a small town in Holland had turned out differently. If Operation Market Garden, planned to take place in the area [...]

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Operation Husky – The Allied Invasion of Sicily

In January 1943, British and American leaders met at Casablanca to discuss operations for after Axis forces had been driven from North Africa. During the meetings, the British lobbied in favor of invading either Sicily or Sardinia as they believed either could lead to the fall of Benito Mussolini's government as well as could encourage Turkey to join the Allies. Though the American delegation, led by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, [...]

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