General Pancho Villa: Mexican Revolution

Pancho Villa was a top military leader of the Mexican Revolution whose exploits were regularly filmed by a Hollywood company. Born on June 5, 1878, in San Juan del Rio, Durango, Mexico, Pancho Villa started off as a bandit who was later inspired by reformer Francisco Madero, helping him to win the Mexican Revolution. After a coup by Victoriano Huerta, Villa formed his own army to oppose the dictator, [...]

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Siege of San José del Cabo: Mexican–American War

The Siege of San José del Cabo, from January to February 1848, was a prolonged battle of the Mexican-American War in which Mexican militia besieged a smaller force of American marines, sailors, and Californio militia. The final engagement during the battle involved half of the American garrison, and a landing party from a reinforcing warship, which successfully lifted the siege. Background Following the Battle of San Jose del Cabo, [...]

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Battle of La Paz: Mexican–American War

The Battle of La Paz was an engagement of the Pacific Coast Campaign during the Mexican-American War.The battle of La Paz occurred on November 16 and 17, 1847. The belligerents were United States Marines and sailors against Mexican insurgents, commanded by Mexican Army officers. Background In late September, Captain Manuel Pineda of the Mexican Army began to assemble a large militia force of farmers and ranchers to defend the [...]

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Sacramento River Battle: Mexican–American War

The Battle of the Sacramento River was a battle that took place on February 28, 1847, during the Mexican–American War. About fifteen miles north of Chihuahua, Mexico at the crossing of the river Sacramento, American forces numbering less than 1,000 men defeated a superior Mexican army which led to the occupation of Chihuahua. Background of the Sacramento River Battle On February 8, Colonel Alexander Doniphan's force of 924 soldiers [...]

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The Dominguez Rancho Battle: Mexican–American War

The Battle of Dominguez Rancho or The Battle of the Old Woman's Gun (October 8, 1846) was a military engagement of the Mexican–American War. The battle took place within Manuel Dominguez's 75,000-acre (300 km2 ) Rancho San Pedro. Background After receiving word of the Siege of Los Angeles, Commodore Robert F. Stockton sent US Navy Captain William Mervine and the Savannah on October 4 to San Pedro to assist [...]

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Battle of Monterey: Mexican–American War

Monterey, 21 September 1846. Taylor's forces left Camargo at the end of August and launched an attack on Monterey on 21 September 1846. The city was defended by a force of from 7,300 to 9,000 Mexican troops under the command of Gen. Pedro de Ampudia. After three days of hard fighting, the Americans drove the enemy from the streets to the central plaza. On 24 September Ampudia offered to [...]

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The Battle of Rio San Gabriel: Mexican–American War

The Battle of Rio San Gabriel was a part of the California campaign of the Mexican-American War and occurred at the sites of present-day Montebello and Pico Rivera on January 8, 1847. Background After the battle of San Pasqual, the battered Army of the West commanded by General Stephen W. Kearny went to the headquarters of Commodore Robert F. Stockton at San Diego. Stockton's next objective was to recapture [...]

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The Battle of San Pasqual: Mexican–American War

One of the final military clashes of the Mexican-American War, the Battle of San Pasqual was fought near what is now Escondido on December 6, 1846, between the American Army and Californio forces. The battle of San Pasqual pitted General Stephen W. Kearny and the U.S. Army of the West against Captain Andrés Pico and his band of Californio lancers—mounted troops armed with long, spear-like lances. In June of [...]

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The Battle of Contreras: Mexican–American War

Though Major General Zachary Taylor had triumphed in a series of victories at Palo Alto, Resaca de la Palma, and Monterrey, President James K. Polk decided to shift the focus of the American war effort from northern Mexico to a campaign against Mexico City. Though this was largely due to Polk's concerns about Taylor's political ambitions, it was also supported by intelligence reports that an advance against Mexico City [...]

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Battle of Resaca de la Palma: Mexican–American War

Having been defeated at the Battle of Palo Alto on May 8, 1846, Mexican General Mariano Arista formed a new line at Resaca de la Palma (Resaca de la Guerrero). Retreating down the Point Isabel-Matamoras road, he sought to prevent Brigadier General Zachary Taylor from advancing to relieve Fort Texas on the Rio Grande. In looking for a position to make a stand, Arista sought terrain which would negate [...]

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