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Ancient Roman Wars: The Battle of Pharsalus 48 B.C.

On the morning of August 9, 48 bc, one of the most famous Roman Wars took place, Rome’s most famous general–Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, or Pompey the Great–apprehensively prepared his troops to face the army of Rome’s most successful general, Gaius Julius Caesar. Pompey’s unease was fueled by a meteor that had shot across the sky near his camp the night before. To some of his soldiers, it was an [...]

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Ancient Roman Wars: Battle of Alesia and Defeat of the Gauls

Arriving in Gaul in 58 BC, Julius Caesar began a series of campaigns to pacify the region and bring it under Roman control. Over the next four years, he systematically defeated several Gallic tribes and gained nominal control over the area. In the winter of 54-53 BC, a revolt destroyed the Fourteenth Legion. Deprived of around a quarter of his troops, Caesar was unable to receive reinforcements from Rome [...]

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