Hotchkiss H35 H39 French Light Tank: World War II

Article originally published on Tanks Encyclopedia: Author: David Bocquelet Renault and Schneider had been long time providers in the French tank industry. Hotchkiss, founded in 1875 near St Denis (Paris) by Benjamin B. Hotchkiss, an American engineer, was a newcomer in this field, although already well known by the army for its world-famous machine-guns, cars and transmissions. At first, the Hotchkiss H35 was a private design answering a 1926 [...]

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French Revolution: Monarchy in Crisis

A watershed event in modern European history, the French Revolution began in 1789 and ended in the late 1790s with the ascent of Napoleon Bonaparte. During this period, French citizens razed and redesigned their country’s political landscape, uprooting centuries-old institutions such as absolute monarchy and the feudal system. Like the American Revolution before it, the French Revolution was influenced by Enlightenment ideals, particularly the concepts of popular sovereignty and [...]

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Thomas Plunkett: A Pattern for the Battalion

The 95th was one of the most prolific regiments to leave us with many accounts of its actions through the memoirs and diaries of the men who served in it. One name above keeps cropping up; Thomas Plunkett. Born in 1785 in Newtown, Wexford, Ireland, and like many of his comrades in the 95th, he served in the local Militia. Described by Edward Costello as ‘a smart, well-made fellow, [...]

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The Spring Offensive 1918: World War I

At the end of 1917, the German high command found itself in a particularly favorable situation. The October Revolution and the subsequent disintegration of the Russian Army would allow the Germans to concentrate their fighting forces on the Western Front. It was in this context that Ludendorff began to prepare a massive and, what he hoped would be, decisive attack to be launched the following spring before the American [...]

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Battle of Castillon: The Hundred Years’ War

In 1451, with the tide of the Hundred Years' War favoring the French, King Charles VII marched south and succeeded in capturing Bordeaux. Long an English possession, the residents presented their new French overlords and soon were secretly dispatching agents to London asking for an army to liberate their territory. While the government in London was in turmoil as King Henry VI dealt with bouts of insanity and the [...]

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World War II: Siege of Lille 1940

The Siege of Lille or Lille Pocket was a Second World War battle fought during the Battle of France. It took place from 28–31 May 1940 in the vicinity of Lille, France during the Battle of France. It involved the 40,000 men of the French IV Corps and V Corps of the First Army (General René Prioux) after the III Corps managed to retreat to the Lys river with [...]

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Disaster of Air France: Story of Flight 4590

The Air France disaster It is an indelible image, heavy with symbolism: the photograph taken on 25 July 2000, at the moment Concorde became a technological Icarus. The great white bird rears up over runway 26 at Charles de Gaulle, immediately after takeoff. Already mortally wounded, flames bleed uncontrollably from beneath the left-hand wing. Less than two minutes later, the world’s only supersonic airliner will fling itself into the [...]

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The Thirty Year War: The Battle of Rocroi 1643

The Thirty Years War (1618-1648) was the most traumatic event to affect Europe prior to the Napoleonic Era and the two world wars of the 20th century. It was centered mainly in the Holy Roman Empire – which encompassed much of modern-day Germany – and its conflicts between Catholic and Protestant rulers. Background to the Battle of Rocroi It devolved into a general political conflict. It's several stages are [...]

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Medieval Wars: French Revenge Battle of Patay 1429

The city of Orléans is located on the Loire River in north-central France. At the time of this siege, it was the northernmost city that remained loyal to the French crown. The English and their allies the Burgundians controlled the rest of northern France, including Paris. Orléans's position on a major river made it the last obstacle to a campaign into central France. England already controlled France's southwestern coast. [...]

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Medieval Wars: The Siege of Orléans 1429

In 1428, the English sought to assert Henry VI's claim to the French throne through the Treaty of Troyes. Already holding much of northern France with their Burgundian allies, 6,000 English soldiers landed at Calais under the leadership of the Earl of Salisbury. These were soon met by another 4,000 men drawn from Normandy by the Duke of Bedford. Advancing south, they succeeded in capturing Chartres and several other [...]

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