Murmansk Russian Cruiser: Cold War

The Murmansk was a Russian light cruiser of the Sverdlov-class – Project 68bis of the Soviet Navy’s Northern Fleet. It was once a ship that made the NATO admirals very wary. But, so much for the fear; the Soviet Cruiser Murmansk ended up a naval embarrassment; a corroding old wreck trapped in a Norwegian fjord in the mid-90s. In many ways, the Murmansk ended up an ideal symbol for [...]

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HMAS Adelaide Australian Cruiser: World War II

The first Royal Australian Navy (RAN) ship to be named HMAS Adelaide was a light cruiser that was a modified version of the British Town-class, which was built in Australia during the First World War. The largest engineering project was undertaken within Australia prior to the Second World War. Built around the same time were her sister ships HMAS Melbourne, HMAS Brisbane, and the first HMAS Sydney, which was [...]

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Mogami Cruisers Class: World War II

London Naval Treaty of 1930 interrupted a line of development of Japanese "official" Washington Cruisers: with the completion of four ships of Takao class the limit for ships with 203mm artillery has been exhausted (as well as for the majority of countries which have signed the document). At the same time, this treaty has generated a new subclass of cruisers (so-called "B class") with artillery in caliber, not above [...]

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World War II: German Cruiser Prinz Eugen

German Cruiser Prinz Eugen was launched in 1938 as part of an ambitious peacetime building program intended to bring the Kriegsmarine to equal terms with the Royal Navy. But in 1941 she commissioned into a fleet unprepared for war, facing a vastly superior enemy. In the sheltered anchorage of Bergen in Norway, the newly commissioned Bismarck was now readying itself for action. A plan had originally been made for [...]

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World War II: Battle of the River Plate

With World War II looming, the German Deutschland-class cruiser Admiral Graf Spee was dispatched from Wilhelmshaven to the South Atlantic. On September 26, three weeks after hostilities commenced, Captain Hans Langsdorff received orders to begin commerce raiding operations against Allied shipping. Though classified as a cruiser, Graf Spee was the product the treaty restrictions placed on Germany after World War I which prevented the Kriegsmarine from building warships exceeding 10,000 [...]

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