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B-47 Stratojet: American Long Range Strategic Bomber

The best way to tell about the performance of the Stratojet is to say that any good crew could have flown it. It took no unusual ability or education. Neither Scott Osler nor I deserve any credit for the flight. Rather, the credit should go to the men who carried out these visions on the drafting boards and the factory workers who made the visions a reality. — Robert [...]

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Murmansk Russian Cruiser: Cold War

The Murmansk was a Russian light cruiser of the Sverdlov-class – Project 68bis of the Soviet Navy’s Northern Fleet. It was once a ship that made the NATO admirals very wary. But, so much for the fear; the Soviet Cruiser Murmansk ended up a naval embarrassment; a corroding old wreck trapped in a Norwegian fjord in the mid-90s. In many ways, the Murmansk ended up an ideal symbol for [...]

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Mathias Rust: Cessna Pilot who Landed in Red Square

He was an amateur pilot with 50 hours' flying experience under his belt when youthful folly, his political convictions, or probably a mixture of both prompted the lanky, bespectacled 19-year-old German to fly a rented single-engine Cessna through Soviet air defenses and land it next to Red Square. Twenty-five years later, Mathias Rust's escapade has endured as one of the most memorable footnotes of the cold war. But with [...]

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Nuclear War: Vasili Arkhipov The Man who Prevented Nuclear War

Have you ever heard of Vasili Arkhipov? Most probably, you haven’t. Yet, this man stopped a nuclear war in 1962 and changed the course of history. Keeping your cool, or rather, keeping a stable mind is best during wartime. It’s even the best option at times of peace. Let’s face it, a level head is best in all situations. It’s safe to say that many of us are alive today [...]

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The Loss of USS Scorpion Submarine

USS Scorpion (SSN-589) was a Skipjack-class nuclear-powered submarine of the USN (United States Navy). It was commissioned on July 29, 1960, however, was declared lost on June 5, 1968. It was not at war that time. Brief Background After initial assignments of training and other short operations, Scorpion's home port became Norfolk in 1962 and remained so for rest of her career. The Scorpion specialized in the development of [...]

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Cold War 1983: The Day the World Almost Died

During the Cold War Stanislav Petrov, a lieutenant-colonel in the military intelligence section of the Soviet Union's secret service, reluctantly eased himself into the commander's seat in the underground early warning bunker south of Moscow. It should have been his night off but another officer had gone sick and he had been summoned at the last minute. Before him were screens showing photographs of underground missile silos in the Midwest [...]

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Cold War: USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

The world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, USS Enterprise (CVN-65) was laid down at Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Company on February 4, 1958. The eighth ship of the US Navy to carry the name Enterprise, CVN-65 inherited it from the CV-6 which had seen extensive action in the Pacific during World War II. The new Enterprise was intended as the lead vessel of a new class of six carriers. As [...]

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Cold War: USS Nautilus SSN-571

In July 1951, after several years of experiments with marine applications for nuclear power, Congress authorized the US Navy to build a nuclear-powered submarine. This type of propulsion was highly desirable as a nuclear reactor makes no emissions and does not require air. Design and construction of the new vessel was personally overseen by the "Father of the Nuclear Navy," Admiral Hyman G. Rickover. The new ship featured a variety [...]

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