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Battle of Roanoke Island: American Civil War

Few visitors traveling along Route 64 towards Nags Head or touring downtown Manteo’s shops know that they tread upon a battlefield. Little do they realize that, around Roanoke Island, a battle was fought between 20,000 soldiers and sailors and over sixty ships. As an action in the Civil War, it was a small engagement but its repercussions far outweighed its immediate results. Union Brigadier General Ambrose Burnside formulated a [...]

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Battle of Five Forks: American Civil War

In late March 1865, Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant ordered Major General Philip H.Sheridan to push south and west of Petersburg with the goal of turning Confederate General Robert E. Lee's right flank and forcing him from the city. Advancing with the Army of the Potomac's Cavalry Corps and Major General Gouverneur K. Warren's V Corps, Sheridan sought to capture the vital crossroads of Five Forks which would allow [...]

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The Battle of Santa Rosa Island: American Civil War

The Battle of Santa Rosa Island on October 9, 1861, stands as one of the most significant Civil War engagements in Florida and was of some national significance during the early months of the war. This was the most serious attempt by the Confederacy to take Fort Pickens from U.S. control. The fact that Fort Pickens remained in U.S. hands--and it remained in U.S. hands throughout the war--deprived the [...]

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Camp Wildcat Battle: American Civil War

The camp wildcat battle was fought near London, Kentucky, in October 1861. On October 21st, 1861, the stillness of this forest was broken by the sound of musket fire. These hills witnessed the first battle between Union and Confederate armies in Kentucky. The Civil War erupted at Fort Sumter South Carolina on April 12, 1861. Despite promises from both sides to respect Kentucky’s neutrality, by the September Union and [...]

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Britain Civil War: The Battle of Culloden

The Battle of Culloden was fought on Drumossie Moor, to the north east of Inverness, on April 16, 1746. It was the last of the great Jacobite risings - popular attempts to reinstate a Stuart monarch on the throne of Britain - and was led by Charles Edward Stuart, also known as Bonnie Prince Charlie or the Young Pretender. The term Jacobite comes from the name ‘Jacobe’, which is [...]

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Spanish Civil War: Battle of Majorca

The Battle of Majorca, also known as the Majorca Landings, was an amphibious landing of Republican forces early in the Spanish Civil War aimed at driving the Nationalists from Majorca and reclaiming the island for the Republic. After some initial tactical success, the expedition, commanded by Captain Alberto Bayo, ended in failure when the Nationalists counterattacked with ground troops and massively superior air power and drove the Republicans into [...]

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American Civil War: The Battle of Rich Mountain 1861

In the early days of the American Civil War, control of transportation routes through western Virginia was a strategic goal of both Union and Confederate planners. Following their hasty retreat from Philippi in June of 1861, Confederate troops under the command of Gen. Robert S. Garnett fortified two key passes. The more southerly of these, Camp Garnett, consisted of earth and log entrenchments overlooking the Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike at Rich [...]

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American Civil War: The Siege of Vicksburg

The Battle of Vicksburg, Mississippi, also called the Siege of Vicksburg, was the culmination of a long land and naval campaign by Union forces to capture a key strategic position during the American Civil War. President Abraham Lincoln recognized the significance of the town situated on a 200-foot bluff above the Mississippi River. He said, "Vicksburg is the key, the war can never be brought to a close until [...]

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American Civil War: The Battle Of Chancellorsville

Fought from May 1-5, 1863, and when it was all over, more than 30,000 Americans were either killed, captured, or wounded at Chancellorsville. Fought from April 30 until May 6, 1863, the Battle of Chancellorsville is considered Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s greatest victory in the American Civil War, highlighted for his bold tactics despite the losses he and the Confederates would suffer. Taking place in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, [...]

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American Civil War: The Battle of Big Bethel Church

Following the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, President Abraham Lincoln called for 75,000 men to aid in putting down the rebellion. Unwilling to provide soldiers, Virginia instead elected to leave the Union and join the Confederacy. As Virginia mobilized its state forces, Colonel Justin Dimick prepared to defend Fort Monroe at the tip of peninsula between the York and James Rivers. Situated on Old Point [...]

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