Greek battleship Lemnos: World War I

Lemnos, sometimes spelled Limnos (Greek: Θ/Κ Λήμνος), was a 13,000-ton Mississippi-class battleship originally built by the United States Navy in 1904–1908. As Idaho, she was purchased by the Greek Navy in 1914 and renamed Lemnos, along with her sister Mississippi, renamed Kilkis. Lemnos was named for the Battle of Lemnos, a crucial engagement of the First Balkan War. Armed with a main battery of four 12 in (305 mm) [...]

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USS California Battleship: World War II

USS California (BB-44), one of two Tennessee-class battleships completed shortly after World War I, was the fifth ship of the United States Navy named in honor of the 31st state. She was the last American battleship built on the West Coast, and the only one of the dreadnought type. She served in the Pacific her entire career, and for twenty years was the flagship of the Pacific Fleet. She [...]

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Japanese Battleship Musashi: World War II

Musashi (武蔵), named after the former Japanese province, was one of two Yamato-class battleships built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), beginning in the late 1930s. The Yamato-class ships were the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever constructed, displacing almost 72,000 long tons (73,000 t) fully loaded and armed with nine 46-centimeter (18.1 in) main guns. Their secondary armament consisted of four 15.5-centimetre (6.1 in) triple-gun turrets formerly [...]

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USS Arkansas (BB-33): American Battleship

Conceived at the 1908 Newport Conference, the Wyoming-class of the battleship was the US Navy's fourth type of dreadnought after the earlier -, -, and -classes. The first incarnations of the design came about through war games and debates as the earlier classes had not yet entered service. Central among the conference's findings was the need for increasingly larger calibers of main guns. During the latter months of 1908, [...]

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American Battleship Texas: World War II

Commissioned in 1914, the battleship Texas first saw action on 26 May 1914 off Veracruz, Mexico as she supported the US expedition that seized a custom house. Battleship Texas returned to the US on 8 Aug and joined the Atlantic Fleet on 6 Sep. She served a second tour of Mexico between Oct and Dec 1914. During WW1, she trained gunnery crews for service on merchant ships between Apr and [...]

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HMS Hood British Battleship: World War II

HMS Hood was the pride of the Royal Navy. HMS Hood was a massively armed battlecruiser with what was thought to be armor equal to her armaments. To all intents, HMS Hood was considered to be one of the most powerful battlecruisers afloat in World War Two. HMS Hood was 44,600 tons, had a crew of 1,419 and was faster than the Bismarck with a maximum speed of 32 [...]

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Navy Battleship Averof: World War I

Ten years after the Greco-Turkish War (1897), the Hellenic Navy possessed a handful of outdated torpedo – ships and three battleships that had been built in 1889. At the end of 1908, the need for a combat worthy fleet led to its reinforcement with four brand new English and German destroyers (torpedo – ships). Amongst them was the armored cruiser «G. AVEROF», the Hellenic Navy's crowning glory. In its [...]

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World War II: Japanese Battleship Fusō

The Japanese Battleship Fuso-class were "Dreadnought" battleships in service with Japan during both World War and World War 2, the first true Dreadnought battleships in service to the Empire. "Dreadnought" was a name introduced by the British Royal Navy with the commissioning of their HMS Dreadnought, a warship that immediately made all other steel warships obsolete through her uniform use of big guns (12") coupled to steam turbine propulsion [...]

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World War II: Italian Battleship Roma

On September 9th, 1943, the day following the proclamation of the armistice, the Italian battle group, under the command of Admiral Carlo Bergamini, was attacked in the waters of the Gulf of Asinara by a formation of German bombers. During the attack, the Italian Battleship was struck and the commander at sea, along with a great number of officers, petty officers and sailors perished, in all 1.253 men. How [...]

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World War II: German Battleship Bismarck

The Bismarck, probably Germany’s most famous battleship in World War Two, was sunk on May 27th, 1941. The battleship Bismarck had already sunk HMS Hood before being sunk herself. For many, the end of the Hood and battleship Bismarck symbolized the end of the time when battleships were the dominant force in naval warfare, to be replaced by submarines and aircraft carriers and the advantages these ships gave to [...]

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