T-50 Light Infantry Tank: World War II

Article originally published on Tanks Encyclopedia: Author: David Bocquelet The T-50 was elaborated to replace older light reconnaissance models. Most of these had amphibious capabilities but lacked good protection and good armament required to deal with other armored vehicles. An RKKA specification from 1939 requested an infantry support light tank to replace the aging, mass-produced T-26, which was largely inspired by the British 1929 6-ton design, and the BT [...]

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M6 US Heavy Tank: World War II

Article originally published on Tanks Encyclopedia: Author: David Bocquelet Little known, the M6 was the first modern US heavy tank. The only other heavy tank built in series was the Liberty or Mark VIII, a joint US-British design, produced in 1918, of the WWI-era lozenge type. When the Second World War broke out, the successful German campaign of 1940 gave a spur to US tank development. Already, on 20 [...]

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Lyudmila Pavlichenko: Female Soviet Sniper

In early 1941, Lyudmila Pavlichenko was studying history at Kiev University, but within a year, she had become one of the best snipers of all time, credited with 309 confirmed kills, 36 of which were German snipers. Pavlichenko was born in 1916 in a small town in Ukraine. She was described as an independent, opinionated tomboy who was "unruly in the classroom," as the Smithsonian notes. At the age [...]

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Battle of Brody June 1941: World War II

A thousand coffee table books and countless hours of popular history programs have described the Battle of Prokhorovka, part of the Third Reich’s 1943 Operation Citadel, as the largest tank battle in history. Near the city of Kursk on the Eastern Front, hundreds of Soviet tanks slammed into the 2nd SS Panzer Corps in an enormous conflagration of flesh and metal. Prokhorovka was certainly an important clash and one [...]

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The Siege Of Nuremberg 1632: The Thirty Years’ War.

The Siege of Nürnberg was a battle campaign that took place in 1632 about the Imperial City of Nuremberg during the Thirty Years' War. Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, rather than engage the larger forces of Albrecht von Wallenstein, retreated into the city. Wallenstein immediately laid siege, an action that soon proved difficult for both sides. Despite Gustavus's efforts to challenge Wallenstein on the open field, Wallenstein did not give battle. [...]

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T 90 Main Battle Tank, Russia: Modern War

The T-90S is the latest development in the T-series of Russian tanks and represents an increase in firepower, mobility, and protection. It is manufactured by Uralvagonzavod in Nizhny Tagil, Russia. The T-90S entered service with the Russian Army in 1992. In February 2001, the Indian Army signed a contract for 310 T-90S tanks: 124 were completed in Russia and the rest are being delivered in "knocked down" form for [...]

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Battle of Asculum: Ancient Times

Pyrrhus, King of Epirus in Northwest Greece and related by blood to the line of Alexander the Great, was himself a man of great ambition. Having lost his crown while still a child, he made a name for himself in service to the Diadochi, the successors of the great Alexander, and gained a great deal of military experience before Ptolemy helped restore him to his throne. Pyrrhus was a [...]

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P-43 Lancer American Fighter Bomber: World War II

The Republic P-43 Lancer was a progressive development of the Seversky P-35. It can be regarded as an "intermediate" between the P-35 and the superlative P-47. During 1938, the Seversky Aircraft Corporation initiated work on two developments of the P-35. One was the AP-2, a conversion of an existing P-35 airframe with a Pratt and Whitney R-1830-19 radial containing an integral, medium altitude supercharger. The other was the AP-4, [...]

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Rat Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte: World War II

If it was completed during the fighting of World War 2, the Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte would have been the largest tank ever produced. The Landkreuzer P.1000 "Ratte" (translating to "Rat") was a proposed super-heavy tank design of the German Krupp concern with origins in 1942. Hitler gave this mammoth undertaking his direct blessing as the program set about to create the most powerful tank ever devised for the modern [...]

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Alvin York American War Hero: World War I

Alvin Callum York was born December 13, 1887, to William and Mary York of Pall Mall, TN. The third of eleven children, York grew up in a small two-room cabin and received minimal schooling as a child due to a need to aid his father in running the family farm and hunting for food. Though his formal education was lacking, he learned to be a crack shot and an [...]

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