The Siege Of Nuremberg 1632: The Thirty Years’ War.

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The Siege of Nürnberg was a battle campaign that took place in 1632 about the Imperial City of Nuremberg during the Thirty Years’ War.

Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, rather than engage the larger forces of Albrecht von Wallenstein, retreated into the city.

Wallenstein immediately laid siege, an action that soon proved difficult for both sides.

Despite Gustavus’s efforts to challenge Wallenstein on the open field, Wallenstein did not give battle.

Gustavus finally attacked, which led to the Battle of Alte Veste, and a defeat for Gustavus.

After eleven weeks, Gustavus evacuated.

Siege of Nuremberg in 1632

The arrival of Grantville appears to have allowed Gustavus Adolphus to have advance knowledge of the Siege of Nürnberg.

In the new timeline, he did not move into Bavaria after the Battle of Rain.

Instead, he moved into Franconia and apparently went more-or-less directly to Nuremberg.

However, this made no overall difference on the macro level.

In both timelines, he arrived on July 3, 1632, ahead of the combined Imperial forces under Wallenstein, Pappenheim, and Maximilian of Bavaria.

In both timelines, he was able to fortify the city and extend its defenses far enough that the Imperials were not able to surround it.


As in the original timeline, Wallenstein refused to give battle when challenged on the open field and was willing to wait while disease and hunger reduced Nuremberg for him.

During the siege, Gustavus was puzzled by reports that Bernard of Saxe-Weimar had moved his troops to Cologne and finally concluded that Bernard had probably turned his coat.

Trying to figure out who would benefit from that, he realized that Wallenstein had targeted Grantville, with which he was tentatively allied.


Knowing that he could get to Grantville and back before anything happened around Nürnberg, Gustavus, in his guise of “Captain Gars“, led a small cavalry detachment out of the city, and rode to Grantville’s aid.

Doing this made it possible for Gustavus to receive the American assistance which enabled him to win the Battle of Alte Veste and lift the siege.

Since the siege was lifted earlier than in the OTL, its effects on Nuremberg were much less severe.


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