War of the Colonies

//War of the Colonies

Saragarhi Battle: 21 Sikh Soldiers Against 10,000 Pashtuns.

On September 12, 1897, in the Tirah region of the North-West Frontier Province, now in Pakistan, 10,000 Pashtuns attacked the city of Saragarhi, beginning at about 9 a.m. There were only 21 Sikh soldiers of the 36th Sikh regiment remaining at Saragarhi and they had two choices – to retreat or to face 10,000 Pashtuns. What’s surprising is that the Sikhs, led by Havildar Ishar Singh, decided to go [...]

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Anglo-Zulu War: Battle of Isandlwana 1879

In December 1878, following the death of several British citizens at the hands of the Zulus, authorities in the South African province of Natal issued an ultimatum to the Zulu king Cetshwayo demanding that the perpetrators be turned over for trial. This request was refused and the British began preparations to cross the Tugela River and invade Zululand. Led by Lord Chelmsford, British forces advanced in three columns with one [...]

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