Dunnottar Castle: Medieval Fortress, Scotland

Scotland has some magnificently located castles. Think no further than Stirling Castle or Edinburgh Castle, both built on top of rocks that allow them to dominate the landscape for miles around. But if we had to pick just one to trust with our lives in a time of great danger then it would without any doubt be Dunnottar Castle. No other Scottish castle comes close in terms of a [...]

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First Battle of St Albans: Wars of the Roses

The antagonism between the Houses of Lancaster and York commenced in 1399 when Henry Bolingbroke, Duke of Lancaster overthrew his unpopular cousin King Richard II. A grandson of Edward III, through John of Gaunt, his claim to the English crown was relatively weak compared to his Yorkist relations. Ruling until 1413 as Henry IV, he was forced to put down several uprisings to maintain the throne. On his death, [...]

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Battle on the Marchfeld: Medieval Wars

The Battle on the Marchfeld at Dürnkrut and Jedenspeigen took place on 26 August 1278 and was a decisive event in the history of Central Europe for the following centuries. The opponents were a Bohemian (Czech) army led by the Přemyslid king Ottokar II of Bohemia and the German army under the German king Rudolph I of Habsburg in alliance with King Ladislaus IV of Hungary. Although both sides [...]

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The Battle of Shrewsbury: Medieval Wars

The Battle of Shrewsbury was the climatic battle of rebellion against King Henry IV of England and was fought July 21, 1403, during the larger Hundred Years' War (1337-1453). In 1403, during a lull in the Hundred Years' War, the powerful Percy family rose in rebellion due to perceived ill treatment by King Henry IV. The family's dissatisfaction stemmed from a feeling that they had been mistreated by the [...]

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Medieval Wars: The Battle of Barnet

The Battle of Barnet was a decisive confrontation in the Wars of the Roses, between the rival Houses of Lancaster and York, along with the subsequent Battle of Tewkesbury, it secured the throne for the Yorkist King Edward IV. Background of the battle of Barnet Edward IV's proud and haughty first cousin, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, known as 'the Kingmaker' provided help to enable him to mount England's throne. [...]

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The Battle of Morgarten 1315: Medieval Battles

November 1315, a small contingent of men from the Swiss Confederacy ambushed a group of Austrian Soldiers near the Morgarten Pass. The Swiss victory furthered the confederacy between Unterwalden, Uri, and Schwyz, the core of modern Switzerland. Recent archaeological excavations near the site of the battle of Morgarten in 1315 have uncovered two knives, a number of arrows, a scabbard, and a cavalier’s spur plus 12 pfennigs or silver [...]

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The Battle of Varna: Medieval Battles

Of all the 15th century Ottoman battles in the Balkans prior to the conquest of Constantinople, the most important was probably the Battle of Varna in 1444. Particularly if you pair its effects with those of the (second) Battle of Kosovo in 1448. Varna broke a major Hungarian-Polish alliance that had been formed to counter the Ottoman threat, so major in the fact that it had been given the [...]

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Battle of Castillon: The Hundred Years’ War

In 1451, with the tide of the Hundred Years' War favoring the French, King Charles VII marched south and succeeded in capturing Bordeaux. Long an English possession, the residents presented their new French overlords and soon were secretly dispatching agents to London asking for an army to liberate their territory. While the government in London was in turmoil as King Henry VI dealt with bouts of insanity and the [...]

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The Siege of Candia 1648-1669

During the Ottoman-Venetian Wars, the city of Candia, today Heraklion on Crete, was besieged for 21 long years. The siege of Candia, regarded as one of the longest sieges in history, lasted from 1648–1669. The Venetians had been ruling the land ever since the Fourth Crusade, and Candia was in a key position in the Mediterranean. The supremacy over the Mediterranean was the cause of numerous clashes between the [...]

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The Battle of Maldon 10 August 991 CE

Viking raiders had made frequent raids in search of plunder on the coast of Britain since the 5th century or earlier. In the late 10th century these raids became more cohesive - and more difficult to oppose. In mid-August of 991, a force under the leadership of Olaf Tryggvasson descended upon the coast of Essex. Olaf's men appear to have been far more organized than the usual motley collection [...]

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