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Human civilization has made enormous steps on the path of technological and scientific advances through history.

Oak Ridge: The Town that Atomic Bomb was Born

"Little Boy" bomb dropped on Hiroshima, made with uranium-235 from Oak RidgeIn 1943, after graduating from Washington and Lee University, Bill Wilcox landed a coveted job as a government chemist and was sent to a city that didn’t exist. Oak Ridge, Tennessee, then known only as the Clinton Engineering Works, was conspicuously absent from any map. On 60,000 acres of farmland framed by the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, [...]

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Albert Einstein: Theoretical Physicist

Albert Einstein was born at Ulm, in Württemberg, Germany, on March 14, 1879. Six weeks later the family moved to Munich, where he, later on, began his schooling at the Luitpold Gymnasium. Later, they moved to Italy and Albert continued his education at Aarau, Switzerland and in 1896 Albert Einstein entered the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich to be trained as a teacher in physics and mathematics. In 1901, [...]

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Galileo Galilei: Italian Astronomer

Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei provided a number of scientific insights that laid the foundation for future scientists. His investigation of the laws of motion and improvements on the telescope helped further the understanding of the world and universe around him. Both led him to question the current belief of the time, that all things revolved around the Earth. Galileo Inventions The Ancient Greek scientist, Aristotle, taught that heavier objects [...]

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Louis Pasteur: Biologist, Microbiologist and Chemist

Scientist Louis Pasteur came up with the food preparing process known as pasteurization; he also developed a vaccination for anthrax and rabies. Born on December 27, 1822, in Dole, France, Louis Pasteur discovered that microbes were responsible for souring alcohol and came up with the process of pasteurization, where bacteria is destroyed by heating beverages and then allowing them to cool. His work in germ theory also led him [...]

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Kapustin Yar: Soviet Union’s Area 51

Kapustin Yar was the former Soviet Union’s most sensitive air base, even exceeding America’s Area 51 for the levels of secrecy that shrouded it. UFO Files claimed that it was to present never-before-seen footage of the base, reconnaissance photos and even a virtual tour of its hidden depths. Kapustin Yar was created as the site for the development of the Soviet Union’s space program after the end of World [...]

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HAARP Alaska: United States Air Force

HAARP Alaska is an auroral research program that superheats the ionosphere. From a distance, it looks like a parking lot filled with over-sized television antennae. In actuality it is the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP, a government research facility focused on physical and electrical properties of the earth’s ionosphere. Set against the Alaskan forest, HAARP Alaska is, to certain conspiracy theorists, neither a research program nor TV antennae, [...]

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The Wright Brothers: First Airplane Flight

Wilbur and Orville Wright were American inventors and pioneers of aviation. In 1903 the Wright brothers achieved the first powered, sustained and controlled airplane flight; they surpassed their own milestone two years later when they built and flew the first fully practical airplane. Early Life Wilbur Wright was born on April 16, 1867, near Millville, Indiana. He was the middle child in a family of five children. His father, [...]

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The Story of the Refrigerator Throughout the Ages

Refrigeration is the process of creating cooling conditions by removing heat. It is mostly used to preserve food and other perishable items, preventing foodborne illnesses. It works because bacteria growth is slowed at lower temperatures. Methods for preserving food by cooling have been around for thousands of years, but the modern refrigerator is a recent invention. Today, the demand for refrigeration and air conditioning represent nearly 20 percent of [...]

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Anders Celsius: History of the Celsius Scale

In 1742, Swedish astronomer, Anders Celsius invented the Celsius temperature scale, which was named after the inventor. Anders Celsius early became engaged in the general problem of weights and measures, including temperature measurements. Already as a student, he assisted the astronomy professor Erik Burman in meteorology observations. At that time there existed a large variety of thermometers with different scales. Perhaps he already at this stage realized the necessity [...]

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High Speed Rail Train: Japan Maglev Train

Japan has again demonstrated its prowess in high speed rail train with its state-of-the-art maglev train setting a world record of just over 600km/h (373mph), just days after it broke its previous 12-year-old record. The seven-car maglev high speed rail train – short for “magnetic levitation” – reached a top speed of 603km/h on Tuesday during what officials described as a “comfortable” zip along a test track near Mount [...]

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