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Philadelphia Experiment: An Alleged Military Experiment

Almost everyone has heard of the Philadelphia Experiment, although the number of people who actually have any idea as to what it was all about are nowhere near as numerous. The Experiment seems to fall into the same realm as the Kennedy Assassination; clouded by rumor and supposition, the exact truth of either incident will probably never be known. Both events are also plagued by a mass of incorrect [...]

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The Disappearance of the USS Cyclops

The USS Cyclops was a United States collier ship that was commissioned during World War I. She was launched on May 7, 1910, and was commissioned on May 1, 1917. Lieutenant Commander G.W. Worley was placed in command of the ship. Her first journey during her wartime service was a trip to St. Nazaire, France in June of 1917. She returned to the east coast of the United States, [...]

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The Franklin Expedition: Historical Mysteries

The disappearance in 1845 of Sir John Franklin and his crew in the Canadian Arctic set off the greatest rescue operation in the history of exploration. More than 30 expeditions over two decades would search by land and sea for clues as to his fate, in the process charting vast areas of the Canadian Arctic and mapping the complete route of the Northwest Passage. The search for clues continued [...]

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The Octavius: 18th Century Ghost Ship

Maritime lore abounds with stories of ghost ships, those ships that sail the world’s oceans manned by a ghostly crew and destined never to make port. The most well-known of these tales is that of the Mary Celeste. But one of the eeriest stories has to be the mystery of the Octavius. The story opens in 1761 with the Octavius docked in the port of London to take on [...]

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Grady Franklin Stiles: The Lobster Boy

Grady Stiles Jr. is a rarity in the world of Human Marvels. By many accounts, this teratological terror was every bit the monster he appeared to be. The Stiles family has been afflicted for over a century with ectrodactyly, a condition commonly known as ‘Lobster Claw’ syndrome. It is a rare congenital deformity of the hand where the middle digit is missing and the hand is left where the [...]

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Hashima Island: Japan Ghost Island

The small island of Hashima was once bustling with a community of 5000 people, who lived alongside the mines they worked. Abandoned in the 1970s, the island and its buildings had been left to the elements. But calls for its preservation, a cameo role in a Bond movie, and Unesco recognition have all helped make this once-forgotten isle a now popular, ghostly attraction. From abandoned mines to Unesco heritage [...]

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Duke of Lancaster: Railway Steamer Passenger Ship

This ship is the Duke of Lancaster. It's been docked on the banks of an estuary for 37 years. It started its life as a passenger ferry and cruise liner between 1956 and 1979 when silver service was the norm for passengers who wound their way across the seas from Ireland, Scotland and throughout Europe. According to a website dedicated to the ship, the first class quarters in the [...]

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Hachijo Royal Hotel: Abandoned Holiday Resort

The mid-1960s heralded in an era which saw Japanese tourists travelling abroad in substantial numbers for the first time. Prior 1964, the Japanese Government made it near impossible for the average Japanese to acquire a passport to travel overseas. As comparatively close destinations such as those in Asia and the Pacific were off limits during the earlier part of the decade, the tourism industry looked nearer to home to [...]

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Kapustin Yar: Soviet Union’s Area 51

Kapustin Yar was the former Soviet Union’s most sensitive air base, even exceeding America’s Area 51 for the levels of secrecy that shrouded it. UFO Files claimed that it was to present never-before-seen footage of the base, reconnaissance photos and even a virtual tour of its hidden depths. Kapustin Yar was created as the site for the development of the Soviet Union’s space program after the end of World [...]

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København: the Mystery Ghost Ship

The København was built for the Danish East Asiatic Company in 1921, When it was launched it was the world’s largest sailing ship. It sails stood over 5 stories high. From 1921 to 1928 the ship made nine voyages, visiting nearly every continent and completing two circumnavigations. Vanished without a trace On September 21, 1928, the København departed from Nørresundby in Northern Jutland for Buenos Aires on its tenth, and [...]

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