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The amazing human mind has no ending. Many years of human evolution has so many little pieces which we will try to put them in order.


The amazing human mind has no ending. Many years of human evolution has so many little pieces which we will try to put them in order.


World wars have left their marks worldwide and we have a lot to learn about our history and how far the human mind can go.


Human civilization has made enormous steps on the path of technological and scientific advances through history.


Outstanding people have shaped the course of history with their knowledge and creative genius, and we still enjoy their greatness up to this day.


The magnificent creations from the past still mesmerize our eye and imagination, bringing a breath of bygone days to the hectic modern world.


History is not a problem to be solved , but a reality to be experienced.

Ten years after the Greco-Turkish War (1897), the Hellenic Navy possessed a handful of outdated torpedo – ships and three battleships that had been built in 1889. At the end of 1908, the need for a combat worthy fleet led to its reinforcement with four brand new English and German destroyers (torpedo – ships). Amongst......

Renault and Schneider had been long time providers in the French tank industry. Hotchkiss, founded in 1875 near St Denis (Paris) by Benjamin B. Hotchkiss, an American engineer, was a newcomer in this field, although already well known by the army for its world-famous machine-guns, cars and transmissions. At first, the Hotchkiss H35 was a......

The First Battle of Sirte was fought between the British Royal Navy and the Regia Marina (Italian Royal Navy) during the Mediterranean campaign of the Second World War. The engagement, largely uneventful, took place on 17 December 1941, southeast of Malta, in the Gulf of Sirte. In the following days, however, two Royal Navy’s task......

The Vietnam War was coming to its bitter end for the US Army by 1970 and America was seeking a way out of the conflict. The public back in the States was already dissatisfied with the war and there was a strong anti-war movement growing in the sixties. American President, Richard Nixon, started to covertly......

Off the shore of Brazil, almost 93 miles away from São Paulo downtown, is Ilha de Queimada Grande, also known as “Snake Island.” The Ilha de Queimada Grande island is untouched by human developers, and for very good reason. Researchers estimate that on the island live between one and five snakes per square meter. The......

The Battle of Chrysopolis was fought on 18 September 324 at Chrysopolis (modern Üsküdar), near Chalcedon (modern Kadıköy), between the two Roman emperors Constantine I and Licinius. The battle was the final encounter between the two emperors. After his navy’s defeat in the Battle of the Hellespont, Licinius withdrew his forces from the city of......

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